Saudi Arabia is a desert country most of the Arabian Peninsula, with Red Sea. This country is also known as the birthplace of Islam. It is the origin of Islam. The two holly cities of the world are situated in this country. Makkah and Madina cities are the heart of every Muslim. It is the intense wish of every Muslim of the world to visit Khana Kabah Masjid al-Haram, in Makkah, destination of the annual Hajj pilgrimage, and Masjid Nabawi, the holly place of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Riyadh is the capital of Saudi Arabia. Islam is the official religion of Saudi Arabia. Prayer Times Saudi Arabia is a perfect and accurate place to get prayer timings. If you are searching prayer times schedule of Makkah, Madina, Riyadh, Dammam and other cities than our Prayer Times Saudi Arabia webpage will provide you smooth and effective information about prayer time of Saudi Arabian cities. It is very easy platform for all the Muslims of Saudi Arabia to get accurate and authentic information about the prayer timings. Prayer Times Saudi Arabia webpage is specially designed for you to get timings of Fajr, Zuhr, Asar, Maghrib and Isha prayers over a single click of mouse. By the grace of Allah we will also update Ramadan Calendar of Saudi Arabian cities in a smooth way.

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Islamic Prayer Times, Saudi Arabia